How to grow melon from seeds

How to grow melon from seeds | I bought 1 melon at the mart and planted seeds. This is a video of the melon growth process for 100 days. Have a nice day everyone.

How to grow melon from seeds
Collect melon seeds purchased from the mart.
Wash the melon seeds thoroughly.
Dry and refrigerate melon seeds.

How to grow melon from seeds

mini square pot
Use Horticulture nursery media
Plant melon seeds.
Water the pot.
Use of round pots
Masato soil
Use red clay + compost mix
mini greenhouse
Plant melon seedlings.
Water the pot.
Use a string.
Tie the melon so that it goes up well.
A week after planting melons, complex fertilizer was applied.
Remove the melon side shoots.
Leave the side shoots at nodes 8 and 9 and remove all other side shoots.
Fertilize female flowers with male flowers.
Cut the stem at the tip of the melon fruit.
Remove the small fruits among the fruits grown on the side shoots of nodes 8 and 9.
Remove all side shoots.
Apply a small amount of compound fertilizer
The stem at the top of the 25th node was removed.
Making a Melon Fruit Fastening Knot
Melon Harvest 2021
Ripe fruit is only when the pattern up to the top of the melon is clear.
Melon tastes better after 3~4 days of ripening.
Harvesting melons roughly planted in the open field

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