14 Beautiful flowering plants | खूबसूरत फूलों वाले पौधे 

14 Beautiful flowering plants | खूबसूरत फूलों वाले पौधे

14 beautiful flowering plants for summer and monsoon these are: 1) Rain Lily ( Zephyranthes ) 2) Aprajita / Butterfly Pea ( Clitoria ternatea ) 3) Swarn-Champa / Champak ( Magnolia champaca ) 4) Jarul / Pride of India ( Lagerstroemia speciosa ) 5) Allamanda / Golden Trumpet ( Allamanda cathartica ) 6) Mandevilla / Rocktrumpet ( Mandevilla sanderi ) 7) Ixora / West Indian Jasmine 8) Sadabahar / Periwinkle ( Catharanthus roseus ) 9) Hibiscus 10) Calliandra ( Calliandra haematocephala ) 11) Chandani / Crepe jasmine ( Tabernaemontana divaricata ) 12) Mussaenda 13) Madhumalti / Rangoon creeper ( Combretum Indicum ) 14) Harshringar / Coral Jasmine ( Nyctanthes arbor-tristis )


14 beautiful flowering plants for summer and monsoon Full Explained :

Do you know, there are so many plants that can add color to your garden this season.
In this video, I will quote the names of those plants & also talk about how to grow them.
There will also be a general care instruction at the end.
Let’s get started with the rainy season special plant “Rain Lily”
It’s available in a variety of colors and so many hybrids of the same have come up in the market.
I have three color variants, pink, white, and beautiful yellow.
Rain lily can very easily be grown from seeds.
Flowers become seedpods upon drying.
As seedpods dry, take the seeds out and grow them in soil or cocopeat as per your convenience.
Growing using seeds takes time in flower.
For early flowering, you can grow them using bulbs of rain lily.
2nd plant is Ixora.
It flowers in bunches in the summer and rainy seasons.
Looks very pretty and is available in many color variants.
Can also be grown very easily in pots.
I strongly recommend Ixora to vegetable growers,
as it attracts so many pollinators like butterflies, honeybees, etc.
Thus you will not need to hand pollinate and the flowers won’t fall off.
Ixora can easily be grown with semi-hardwood and softwood.
If you do not get these 2 terms, you must go through my video on Cuttings.
These things have been described beautifully.
This is a rooted ixora cutting.
Friends you can grow Ixora through air layering.
The next plant is champak.
My collection might not have more beautiful and aromatic plants than this.
Although you can plant this on the ground.
But if you wish to grow this plant in a pot,
then choose a pot of at least 16″ wide and deep.
I have seen 02 colors of champak, one is like this i.e yellow and another is slightly whitish.
Both look very pretty and are very aromatic.
It can be propagated through air layering.
The next one is hibiscus.
Although the leaves of this variegated plant are so beautiful like flowers,
as we are discussing flowers, let me show you my beautiful red-colored multi petal hibiscus.
Friends planting hibiscus in pots is very rightful.
Take a 10-12 inches pot for smaller plants and keep increasing the size of the pot as the plant grows.
And about color? It is available in as many colors and varieties as you can imagine.
It can easily be grown by cuttings and air layering has an almost 100% success rate.
The next plant is the butterfly pea plant.
Isn’t it beautiful?
Friends, it’s a creeper plant so it needs support.
So many different color options are available in the market.
You must add some to your garden.
My personal favorite is the blue one.
And let me tell you, it has so many medicinal benefits.
And culinary uses too.
This can very easily be grown using seeds, the plant grows rapidly.
Friends I have done detailed videos from sowing the seeds to flowering.
I will give the link of that video in the description box below, even every related videos’ link can be found there.
You must check the description once.
The next plant is coral jasmine.
This plant has its presence in many of our folkloric.
And my first experience of a lifetime is,
I sowed one seed, it grew and that plant grew up
and lastly, it gave so many flowers.
Do let me know with which plant was your first ever experience like this.
I will be very happy to know.
Coral jasmine grows rapidly on the ground
and become a big tree.
But you can also keep it in the pot.
This is a plant grown using seed last year.
I just put some soil in a jar and threw the seed in and the plant grew well.
It has excellent characteristics in Ayurveda that its different parts have different medicinal importance.
This plant is too good and you must add it to your garden.
The next plant is allamanda.
Though it’s somewhat woody still you need to provide some support to this plant.
And friends you can easily grow this by the cutting method.
Flowers come in volumes on summer and rainy days as you can see.
This plant belongs to the family of allamanda and the name is Mandevilla.
It’s available in many flower colors.
It’s also a creeper plant-like butterfly pea plant that needs support for flourishing.
Many are still remaining to make your garden colorful which includes
this one, which is the pride of India.
Available in many color sheds, this one is pink.
You might have noticed white-colored in starting and this one is of purple color.
This red color is my recent addition.
This can easily be grown by cutting.
And it’s a perfect plant for growing in pots.
Use at least 16″ wide and deep pots for this plant.
The next plant is calliandra and can easily be grown by seeds.
The next plant is the pinwheel flower.
These are mostly white-colored but a number of petals may be different.
This one has multi petals and has got a very nice aroma.
I have planted this one on the ground and has less few petals. It blooms in large volumes.
Please use 13″-14″ wide and deep pots if you wish to grow this in the pot.
And yes it can also be easily be propagated through cutting or air layering.
The next plant is vinca.
It’s quite common but very beautiful.
Many of its hybrids and colors have come up in the markets.
You must add this plant in this season.
This plant does not require too much care and can be maintained easily in a balcony garden.
It can be potted in 6 inches pot.
And friends, for its propagation,
cut 2″-3″ portion from the tip of the plant.
And plant this on the ground.
Roots will come in 7-8 days and you will get a new plant.
You can also grow vinca from seeds.
Seeds form after drying of flowers
These structures you can see are seedpods.
Upon drying mustard seeds like seeds will come out
which you can easily grow.
To make your garden even more colorful in summers and rains, this plant is mussaenda.
The yellow colors you see
are actually flowers and the white colors are modified leaves.
This is also called spath which can also be seen in bougainvillea.
Friends all the colors are pretty but my favorite this redone.
Isn’t it so pretty?
See this pink color too.
In this season do add at least one color mussaenda.
The best method for its propagation is air layering.
Friends mussaenda is a heavy feeder plant so for more colors you will need to provide more fertilizer.
Let’s go for the next plant.
This one is Rangoon creeper.
The most flowering vine of this season.
Its vine so needs support and flowers in bunches.
And looks very pretty.
This can very easily be grown by cutting.
Its a heavy feeder plant so requires more fertilizers for more flowering.
Choose a bigger size pot for this plant.
At least 14 inches wide and deep.
Apart from the plants mentioned here, there are more.
Do share in the comment section below if you know such a plant.
I will include that in the next part of the video.
Will get back to you in my next video.
Till then take good care of yourself and mother nature.
Bye Friends, Take care, Happy Gardening.
Green Earth, Healthy Earth, Happy Earth, Prakriti’s Garden Signing off.


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